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All items are my original designs and handmade individually.
1. Snowman holding Bunny. This piece is about 10 " tall, to top of hat. It is crafted of wood and paper clay. Snowman has blue suit with white glittered dots. He stands on a base decorated with dripping icicles. His bunny is holding a miniature wooden ball and cup game. SOLD OUT $60

2. Snowman with Birds, this piece is about 10" tall. Snowman is holding a red and blue birds with glittered greenery. His hat is decorated with glass beads. SOLD OUT$60

3. Angel. This piece stands about 11" tall. She is made of wood and paper clay. She is holding an elf. She has wooden wings and a painted border of evergreen tree sillouettes. SOLD OUT$70

4. Moose. This piece stands about 8 1/2" tall. He is made of wood and paper clay. He has an elf lounging on his antlers, with Christmas lights entwined with the elf and moose SOLD OUT$80

5. Santa Holding Doll Garland. This piece is about 9" tall. Santa has a blue coat and is on a base made of a lake weathered board. He holds a garland of dolls, embroidered and sequined. SOLD OUT $75


6. Santa with Bell Wreath . This piece stands about 11" tall. He is made of wood and paper clay. His coat is white with metallic gold dots He holds a bell wreath, his wooden base says "A Merry Christmas" in gold. SOLD OUT $80

7. Santa holding Snowman. He is about 11" high. He is shaped wood and sculpted with paper clay. He has hinged arms and is painted with a blue ombre suit with snowflakes. He is holding a vintage style chenille snowman.SOLD OUT $80

8. Santa holding with Elves. This piece is about 11 1/2" tall. He has a red coat and white coat decorated with tiny evergreen trees. He is made from wood and paper clay. He has elves perched on his mustache. His base is made from an old wood post. SOLD OUT $80

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