Easter 2004

These items are also available at the Pendleton Arts Center, Pendleton, Oregon, Northwest Outdoors, 435 E Jackson, Roseburg, Oregon, and the FolkWorks Gallery, 1310 1/2 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL

Cornelious, the Easter party chick. He stands about 6 1/2" tall, on a 3" diameter glittered base. Corny holds your popular bun in a basket. He is wearing a stripey party hat that is trimmed in crepe paper pom poms and ruffles. SOLD OUT

Sophie in her bun costume. She is about 9 1/2" tall on a 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" base. She has hinged arms, crepe paper pom poms and is pulling an Easter chick pull toy. SOLD OUT

Easter Tidings is a duck pulling a bunny in an egg boat, it is about 6" tall to the top of the bunnies ears and 8" to the top of the "Easter Tidings" sail. The base is 6 1/2" x 2 1/2". SOLD OUT

Gordo, the tall hare. He stands about 15" tall, has hinged arms, fabric overalls, a glittered base, polka dot party hat and is holding your standard egg on a stick, with a chick complete with party hat peeking out. SOLD OUT

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