Easter 2006

These items are also available at the Pendleton Arts Center and Folkworks Gallery in Chicago

The Egg Plane is about 9 1/2" tall, wicker wingspan about 7", on blue base decorated with stars and dots. Pinwheel propeller, SOLD OUT

These three buns are out on a Sunday scenic, their egg car is about 4" long, and the top of the umbrella is about 6 1/2". SOLD OUT

This little angel is sitting on a chick holding a sheep in her lap, she has a satin halo. She is about 7" tall. SOLD OUT

Mom is holding a basket of babies, she stands about 10 1/2" tall with hinged arms, and a dress decorated in cherries. SOLD OUT

Girl in bunny suit is holding a big yellow chick. She stands about 10" tall. SOLD OUT

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