Halloween 2006

These items are also available at the Pendleton Arts Center, Pendleton, Oregon, they can be contacted at artscntr@uci.net for inventory and prices, and at the FolkWorks Gallery, 1310 1/2 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201, 1-847-328-0083

1. "Hagabelle" is a tall gal, about 21" high, her base is 3" x 6", metallic gold decorated in black bats and dots. She is holding a 2 1/4" tall owl on a green perch. She sports a purple dress decorated in metallic gold moons and stars, metallic gold buttons. She has red spikey hair, her hat has a gold bat, her legs have green stripes. As for her "presence" .. a bit on the critical side...SOLD OUT

2. Goblin on moon is about 7" tall, base is 4" diameter, the base is dark blue with metallic gold stars and dots. This guy is waxed and antiqued. SOLD OUT

3. "The Leader", this guy stands about 10" to the top of his hat. He's the one in charge, any questions, just ask him. He has a chenille collar, black bead buttons a gold and black hat decorated with a pumpkin head and black bead on wire. He holds a pumpkinhead lantern decorated with beads. He stands on a 4" diameter base. SOLD OUT

4. "Matilda" stands about 9 1/2" high, she is ready to party in this fab halloween outfit (her mother made it). Her outfit is gold with green dots, the matching hat sports a read band and balls, with a black cat emblem. She is holding "Quiet" and "Riot", her black cat sweeties (they sleep with her every night). SOLD OUT

5. "Acorn" is about 10 1/2" tall. He has an acorn shaped head, an acorn trimmed fabric cap, and a black crepe paper collar edged in metallic gold. He has a black body, hinged green and burnt sienna arms while holding "Oakley" a little acorn guy. His base is green decorated in orange and black dots. SOLD OUT

6. These little pumpkin heads are out on the night in their bat decorated metallic antiqued moon car. Their car has a pumpkin head flag. "The guys" have chenille collars, while their tall tall green wired hats have red glass beads at the top and metallic stars at the brim. The base is about 3" x 5" and stands about 10" tall to the top of their flag. SOLD OUT

7. This pumpkinhead "JimBob" is out hookeybob'n behind ole Beulah. The base is about 10 1/2" x 2" and about 7" in height. Jimbob is sporting a gold outfit with red dots and black witches. He has orange stripey legs, buttons on his shoes, green ruffles, a small green cone hat with red dots a wire and brass bell. Beulah is an offwhite swine with green dots and a black curly wire tail. He has a beaded collar. SOLD OUT

8. "Sprout, the black cat", this is his favorite place to hang. What could be better than "inside" the pumpkin. He thinks he's look'n pretty good, that shiny black against a orange background. He has a green pointy hat with red dots. His pumpkin guy has a green and gold hat with red dots. SOLD OUT

9. Marthella is revelling in her day! It just doesn't get any better for witches. She has her own fab pumpkin to perch on while "Badness" her black cat is also pretty enthusiatic about the whole scene. Base is about 6 1/2" x 3 1/2" and about 9 1/2" tall. Her vintage style pumpkin is orange with red detail. She has fabulously tall pointy black boots, stripey legs. kinky gray hair (humidity is her friend) her dress is accented with silver beads down the front. Her pointy hat has a red band with a silver buckle. Badness has his own pointy hat. SOLD OUT

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