Halloween 2008

These items are also available at the Pendleton Arts Center, Pendleton, Oregon, they can be contacted at artscntr@uci.net for inventory and prices, and at the FolkWorks Gallery, 1310 1/2 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201, 1-847-328-0083

1. "Hairyette is all about the hair baby. She is about 17 1/2" tall with a carved wood body, sculpted face, boots and cat. Her "big" hair is about 4" tall and made of needle felted wool roving. On top of that "do" she is wearing a stylish black coordinating witch hat with red netting. Her dress is red with black stars and a black cape. She has a chenille boa with metal bead accents. Her cat on a stick has a tall red wool felt hat with 3 black pom poms, and a satin neck ruffle. SOLD OUT

2. Witch and goblins "just hang'n" on the moon is about 14" tall, base is 3 1/2" square decorated in a vintage post card image with black cats and another smiling moon. The trio of goblins have the usual antenna and big smiles. The witch has a green dress with black polka dots and a cat motif. She has red wool roving hair and black hat with a metallic glass star bead on the end. There is a small black bat hanging from the end of the moon. This this item is waxed and antiqued. SOLD OUT

3. This guy is just riding along in his "pump" mobile. His mobile is decorated with vintage graphics of cats, a moon and witch. He is wearing green overalls with yellow buttons, a polka dot shirt and striped hat with a brown cat's eye glass bead at it's end. He has his black cat bud "Trav'ler" along for the ride. This item is about 7" x 7". SOLD OUT

4. Sweet Zinny is carrying her goblins, Quiet and Riot. She just loves these guys (and they love her too). She has a carved wood body, sculpted boots, face and hat. Her dress is painted a rust with black polka dots and a coordinating green scarf. Her black hat also has a green band and an assortment of black, green and red glass and silver star beads on twisty black wire adorning it. Her wooden base is cut from an old cedar fence post and decorated in a vintage halloween goblin graphic. She is about 12" tall. SOLD OUT

5. Cordelia ALWAYS chooses the witch costume and this year is no exception. Her body and legs are made of wood, her boots head and cat bucket are sculpted of paper clay. Her legs are painted with orange and green stripes, her dress is black and rust with coordinating fabrics. She is holding a vintage style black cat bucket with a wire handle. Her base is decorated with another vintage graphic of a girl dressed as a pumpkin and the words "Happy Halloween" She stands about 13" tall. SOLD OUT

6. Trouble stands about 14" tall. She has a dress of vintage style Halloween fabric with the motif repeated on her wooden base. She has a contrasting green waistband and orange neck ruffle. She has a vintage style green pumpkinhead bucket with a wire handle. She has a green hat with a polka dots, an orange pom pom and tan chenille band. SOLD OUT

7. This witch sports this seasons latest, the pumpkin dress. She is about 12 1/2" tall. Her base is decorated with a vintage Halloween graphic of a moon with a cat and owl sitting in it, and the words "Happy Halloween". She has her best friend "Night" with her, as always. They are inseparable really. She has a black chenille waistband, dark gray wool roving hair and a silver star decorating her orange hat band. SOLD OUT

8. Peter Pumpkin Head is stepping out of his papier mache pumpkin. He's about 9 1/2" tall. He has green overalls with yellow and black dots, a matching hat with black chenille trim and black and red glass beads on the wire end. He is holding a lantern with gold glitter and it also has red and black glass beads. The paper mache pumpkin has a sculpted face, decorated as a vintage pumpkin decoration. SOLD OUT

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