Holidays 2009

All items are my original designs and handmade individually.
These items are also available at the Pendleton Arts Center, they are happy to ship and can be contacted at, at Folkworks Gallery in Evanston Illinois, they can be contacted at 1-847-328-0083, and also at the St. Anthony's Festival of Trees, December 5th at the Pendleton, Oregon Convention Center

Shipping is $6.00 per package.

1. Angel holding Moon: This girl stands about 10 1/2" tall. She stands on a wooden base and is holding a metallic gold wood moon. She is sculpted of paper clay and is wearing a cream colored hat and coat trimmed in tan fur. She has a dark red polka dot scarf. SOLD OUT

2. Silver cupcake angel. This sweetie stands about 14 1/2" tall. She stands on a silver cupcake the frosting is cream with silver snowflakes and dots. Her body and arms are wood while her head is sculpted of paper clay. Her skirt has a layer of silver netting and a layer of tulle with snowflakes. She has metallic silver wings, a silver head band with a star and is holding a silver snowflake. SOLD OUT

3. Angel holding stars: This piece is about 11" tall to the top of her head. She is cream colored with hinged wooden arms and gold star decoration. She has a wire halo with a gold star and is standing on a base made from an old cedar fence post. SOLD OUT

4. Elves on Moon: about 12" tall. Three elves just sitting on the moon. One elf hanging on a star. Moon is wood, elves are sculpted of paper clay with gold tinsel collars. The wood base is dark blue wit stars and metallic gold trim SOLD OUT

5. Snowman with snowbabies on back. This piece stands about 10 1/2" Snowman has ribbon collar and tinsel trim on polka dot hat. The hat has a tall wire with a silver star. The babies have tinsel collars and dark red hats with tinsel trim. The base is wood decorated with mica SOLD OUT

6. Snowman with cat. This snowman is about 12" tall to the top of his hat. He holds a wooden tree with three blue birds while his cat looks on excitedly. He has a ribbon collar, a dark red polka dot hat trimmed in dark red chenille. The cat has a string collar with a metal tag, is grey with stripes. SOLD OUT

7. Snowman with dog: about 12" tall. Snowman holds his dog Max's bowl for birds to drink out of, two blue bird on bowl. Max is cream colors with brown spots, has a string collar and metal tag. Snowman has a ribbon collar, dark red hat with dots trimmed in chenille. SOLD OUT

8. Snowman holding Santa: 11 1/2" These piece is sculpted of paper clay on a base cut from an old cedar fence post. Snowman has a chenille collar and hat trim. Santa is holding a wreath. SOLD OUT

9. Santa holding baby, 12". This santa and baby are sculpted of paper clay. His coat is painted blue and the fur trim is sculpted of paper clay painted in brown tones. Baby Jesus has a gold tinsel halo. SOLD OUT

10. Santa with elf on shoulder. 12 1/2". Santa body is wood. Arms, head, elf, boots and hat are sculpted of paper clay. His coat is red with a green panel down the front that has a metallic gold finish. The coat has metallic gold fasteners with gold buttons on the ends. The green elf is using candy canes as glasses. Santa's cap has a vintage style gold bell. SOLD OUT

11. Santa with green coat: 12". His body is wood which I covered with a vintage style fabric, his arms are sewn of fabric and the hat covered with it. All have been finished and antiqued. He has red gloves, stands on a base made of an old cedar fence post. His fur trim is made of paper mache. He holds a brush tree, an elephant toy and gold bells. SOLD OUT

12. Dancing Santa: 12" Also stands on a base made of an old cedar fence post. His face is sculpted of paper clay, his body is sculpted of paper mache to give his suit a woolly appearance. He holds a green clown toy with gold bead hands and arms. SOLD OUT

13. Snowman in wool suit. 13" This guy stands on a base made of an old cedar post. His suit is made of wool felt that has been antiqued and decorated with a ribbon with wreaths as it the ribbon used for his collar. He has a tiny dark red hat decorated in chenille. He holds an evergreen garland with the word Peace in red and red wooden beads at the end of the garland. SOLD OUT

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