Holidays 2010

All items are my original designs and handmade individually.
These items are also available at the Pendleton Arts Center, they are happy to ship and can be contacted at, at Folkworks Gallery in Evanston Illinois, they can be contacted at 1-847-328-0083, and also at the St. Anthony's Festival of Trees, December 5th at the Pendleton, Oregon Convention Center

Shipping is $6.00 per package.

1. Angel holding Candles: This girl stands about 12" tall. She stands on a wooden base and is sculpted of paper clay. Her dress is an antiqued cream color with a blue sash. She holds a set of blue candles. She has blue eyes and blond hair with a blue ribbon. Her wings and halo are metallic silver. SOLD OUT

2. Angel with Bell. This sweetie stands about 12" tall. She is on a wooden stand and is sculpted of paper clay. She wears a dark maroon dress with a metallic band decorated with leaves and dots around the hem. She is holding an etched brass bell. She has brown hair and eyes. SOLD OUT

3. Angel with JOY banner: This piece is about 13" tall to the top of her head. She has a cream colored dress draped with a green and pink ribbon, feather wings, blond hair with a green ribbon and green eyes. Her leafy banner has the letters J O Y, and pink wooden beads. SOLD OUT

4. Snowman with Baby: This snowman stands about 11" tall. She is holding her baby that is trying to capture the silver snowflakes attached to her hat. Her hat is painted blue with silver tinsel trim. SOLD OUT

5. Snowman with Elves: This piece stands about 10" tall Snowman is covered with elves, which are painted gold, blue and green with red feet and hands. Snowman's hat is painted green with crimson chenille trim. SOLD OUT

6. Snowman with Boy: Snowman stands about 10" tall. He is being hugged by a boy with blue jeans, brown coat, gold scarf and mittens. Snowman has a crimson scarf and hat with cream polka dots and cream chenille. SOLD OUT

7. Santa in car: Santa in wooden car with image of Christmas kids on both sides. Car is painted black with wooden wheels painted black and red. SOLD OUT

8. Santa pulling elf in walnut shell: Santa stands about 9 1/2" tall. He is pulling an elf in a walnut shell, the base is painted cream and is covered in glittery mica. SOLD OUT

9. Santa and Elf on Sled: This piece stands about 9" tall. Santa flying along on his sled with his elf hanging on behind. SOLD OUT

10. Santa with Polar Bear: Santa and elf on polar bear stands about 8" tall. The bear is sculpted from paper mache, santa and elf from paper clay. SOLD OUT

11. Santa holding Doll in Stocking: 12". This piece is sculpted of paper clay and stands about 9 1/2" tall. He has a red double breasted jacket with gold buttons and blue pants. He is holding a doll in a stocking with a teddy and a metal horn with bells. SOLD OUT

12. Santa with Toys: This santa stands about 13" tall, on a green wooden base. His body is wood while his head, arms, hat, and boots are sculpted of paper clay. His bag is filled with toys spilling out on the base. He wears a red coat decorated with metallic gold dots. SOLD OUT

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